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Kyoukai no Kanata Movie: I’ll Be Here – Kako-hen | Anime Movie

I loved this re-cap movie, the animation is perfect just like the anime series.

It was enjoyable to see a re-cap of the anime series as it’s been about a year since I watched it and it’s good to bring back memories of it. I loved every second of watching this movie!

I loved the fight scenes and effects, they’re amazing! I can’t wait to watch the last part of the movie which happens a year after where the anime left off, so it’s going to be all new content so my hype is real!

I rate this movie 10 out of 10 – The animation is beautiful and amazing. The storyline is really good too! I honestly don’t want this series to end.

Anime Series

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid | Anime Series

I really enjoyed watching this series, and not because of the yuri scenes, well yes those did help me enjoy it, but it was more of the action scenes that I enjoyed the most. I don’t know why but I love seeing girls with weapons fight, they just look so badass!

I liked the plot of this series and I think the animation studio did a great job on creating this original series, I would love to see more of Mirei’s and Mamori’s fighting and see what they do next at the other islands with the armed-virus, I really want to see how the other islands are civilized.

Mirei and Mamori are cute together, I love that Mirei is protective of Mamori, it makes me smile seeing how much she cares for her.

I rate this series 10 out of 10 – because of the yuri scenes.

Anime Series

Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken | Anime Series

This was pretty funny, I loved the fact that Kimito had to hide the fact that he loves girls and pretend to like muscles on men.

I loved a lot of things about this series and the main part that I loved is that they all care for each other in the “commoner club”, and that’s what true friendship looks like.

Aika’s and Reiko’s squabbling was just amazing, it made me laugh all the time and I loved the “yuri” type scenes between them while they were fighting/arguing, I could tell by Kimito’s face that he loved watching whenever that happened and he was in the room.

Also Karen is best girl, those thighs though, and her sword skills are awesome.

The ending song on the finale episode was amazing and the animation was perfect! At first though I thought it was Karen singing, but it was actually Eri, I find that they both look similar with their hair down. But that song was beautiful.

I rate this series 8 out of 10 – I loved the animation and the funny scenes, but I didn’t really understand the whole plot, and I wished that there was a 2nd season, I want to know more about Miyuki’s back story and why she became a maid and why she kissed Kimito while he was asleep.

Anime Series

Yuru Yuri San☆Hai! | Anime Series

Love this series so much, it’s adorable, funny, and has that little bit of yuri that everyone likes to see.

I love this series quirks so much, it makes me so happy just watching every episode, and it’s defiantly a series I’ll rewatch one day.

This 3rd season was the best, there was defiantly more character development, and more new and old innuendos from the two previous seasons.

There is defiantly more pairings in this season too, which I love a lot. To be honest everyone is cute with each other, but Yui and Kyouko are the best OTP, and there’s also Kyouko and Ayano, their friendship has defiantly developed a lot this season, and are much closer than what they were in the 1st season.

I rate this series 10 out of 10 – It never fails to make me smile or giggle, I love it so much. I have so much love for the characters and the OTPs too.

Anime Series

One-Punch Man | Anime Series

This series was freaking amazing! I loved every moment of watching each episode every week.

I loved all the awkward and quirky moments, they were just so funny.

The character designs are amazing too, I loved that there was different art styles within this series, and Saitama’s facial expressions are just hilarious.

I’m happy to hear that the artists of this series are trying to possibly create a 2nd season for this series, but I honestly don’t think it’ll work because of how the finale ended.

I rate this series 10 out of 10, this series was a blessing to watch.

Anime Series

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry | Anime Series

I found this series similar to Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, both anime series were set at a school and both contained students having weapons and fighting in an arena for a school festival.

All I can say is that I loved the storyline of this series, and the ending was cute as f***,  Ikki and Stella make such a great couple, I’m proud of them, and the kiss at the end of the final episode, oh my gawd!

This series deserves a 2nd season, more than Gakusen Toshi Asterisk does, it really does need it! I want to know more about Ikki and his past with his family, and I want to see his and Stella’s relationship blossom more, I want to see what the future has in store for them both.

I rate this series 9 out of 10, I loved each and every character in this series and the storyline was perfect, I just wish there was a 2nd season.

Anime Series

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, 1st Season | Anime Series

This anime was surprisingly good, I thought it was going to be a harem series in all honesty, I really did.

The two main characters, Ayato and Julis, make great partners and would make a cute couple too!

I love the flirt scenes between the female characters to Ayato, even though it’s the females that are doing all the flirting and Ayato either blushes or is oblivious to it.

I also enjoyed he fight scenes, they were pretty amazing, the effects were just awesome.

I’m really excited that there’s going to be a 2nd season for this anime, and it’s worth it

I rate this series 8 out of 10, I love the character designs and the storyline.

Anime Series

Toaru Majutsu no Index II | Anime Series

I liked this series quite a bit and I wish there was a 3rd season, it’s a shame that there isn’t. But at least there’s a spin off series for the Railgun, I found the sister’s were interesting and funny to watch, I could say that those scenes were my favorite and quite possibly the best ones throughout the series itself over the 2 seasons.

I want to see more of this series so much and the only way I can do that is if I buy the light novels and read on from where the 2nd season ended, which I’m actually thinking of doing but not anytime soon as I do have quite a few light novels to get through at the moment.

I rate this 2nd season 8 out of 10, the arcs and plots are good but I would love for them to maybe be a little longer, and to possibly have another season.

Anime Series

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider | Anime Series

At first I really didn’t understand what was going on, but then I later started to understand and get into the anime roughly around episode 5 when things started to get interesting, but I would still find myself not understanding what was going on and would be confused a lot of the time, and because of that I would just find the episode/anime boring and wasn’t worth watching, but as I was basically halfway through it I just thought I might as well carry on and see how this

series ended, and I must say, I’m still completely mind fucked about who the killer was and what were Dr. Magata motives and intentions in the first place, like seriously.

I’m not going to write loads as it’s late at night when I’m typing this and because I’m still confused about the whole thing.

I rate this series 7 out of 10, the character design and art is pretty good, it’s different from other anime series that I’ve seen, and I guess the mystery and plot was good but just a little confusing.


Yotsuba&!, volume 1 | Manga

I found this first volume really funny and cute, I love these little short stories about Yotsuba and her daily life. It’s sweet and relaxing to read, it helps me clear my mind on things whenever I read this first volume.

I can’t wait to buy more volumes in the future, this series is seriously a mind clearer for me.

I rate this first volume 8 out of 10.