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Bravely Default, chapter 1 | Video Game

In-depth summary:

We, and when I say “we” I mean Tiz and the other 3 guys within the group, travelled across the map to the land of Ancheim, which is in a desert region that currently has no wind because of the Wind Crystal being out of action, and because of this the city is in dire times with no wind to power the turbines, and so the King is making everyone work 20 hours a day to somehow make the turbines move so that they have power.

To help the people of Anchiem we had to make out way to the Temple of Wind and find a way for the Wind Vestal to reactivate the Wind Crystal in order for there to be wind again, but the only problem is that the Vestal needs to be wearing a special clothing to be able to do the ritual to activate the Crystal.

So we travelled to Yulyana Woods Needleworks to see Sage, who makes the clothes that we’re after but there’s a slight problem we need to find and get a hold of some Rainbow Thread that is needed for this type of clothing, and the Rainbow Thread is located in Vestment Cave.

After arriving at the Vestment Cave and going through all the floors we finally found some Rainbow Thread, except, it wasn’t going to be as easy as walking in there, taking it, and then walking out. We had to defeat a Dragon that was nesting in the cave itself, guarding the Rainbow Thread.

Defeating the Dragon was a bit of a hassle but we pulled through in the end and managed to get our hands on the Rainbow Thread.

After returning to the Sage, he made the special clothes that we needed for the Vestal to do her ritual to activate the Wind Crystal, all we need to do now was to get back to the Temple of Wind and do just that. But, sadly it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be…

There was an even larger threat than the dragon in the Vestment Cave… (A) Orthos was guarding the Wind Crystal, so of course we had to beat their ass in order to start this wind ritual, and again this battle wasn’t easy, in fact it was harder than the battle with the Dragon.

About 10 minutes into the battle, we finally beat Orthos and the Wind Vestal was able to start the activation ritual for the Wind Crystal.

After we’ve activated the Wind Crystal, we head back to Anchiem to see that the King is yet again criticizing the Wind Vestal for basically being a failure and for abandoning her post, but he soon’s shut ups when the wind starts slowly coming back and starts turning the turbines to which creates power for the city.


I found this first chapter quite enjoyable with a bit of a hassle to finish but it was quite worth it as I find the storyline is quite interesting, and the characters too; there’s never a dull moment between the main 4 characters (Tiz, Agnès A.K. The Wind Vestal, Edea, and Ringabel).

I cannot wait to carry on to the next chapter and see what’s going to be installed for me and the gang.