Yotsuba&!, volume 1 | Manga

I found this first volume really funny and cute, I love these little short stories about Yotsuba and her daily life. It’s sweet and relaxing to read, it helps me clear my mind on things whenever I read this first volume.

I can’t wait to buy more volumes in the future, this series is seriously a mind clearer for me.

I rate this first volume 8 out of 10.


Akame ga Kill!, volume 1 | Manga

This first volume was amazing! I found that this manga is much better than what the anime was, I think it’s more funnier, so to say.

I did enjoy the anime adaptation of the series, I thought it was amazing and the animation was perfect, but after reading this first volume of the manga, I have to say that I enjoy the manga much more than the anime, and it’s also much darker too.

Also from reading the manga, its made me want to rewatch the anime all over again, but instead of watching it subbed like when I first watched it as it was airing, I’m going to watch it dubbed and see how good the English voice over is.

Overall I rate this first volume 9 out of 10.


Citrus, volumes 1 & 2 | Manga

My yuri senses are tingling! OMG this is such a great yuri manga series, I seriously fing love it so much!

I originally read this series online but when I found out they had a physical translated copy online on Amazon, I had to get the first 2 volumes even though I’ve read further than the two volumes out online, I still had to get the physical copies so that I could re-read the story and read my favorite scenes all over again!

Yuzu and Mei are so freaking cute together and make a great couple, it’s a

shame that they’re step sisters, but still, I hope they become happy together! They’re both best girls for sure.

I rate this series 10 out of 10!!


Hunter x Hunter, volume 1 | Manga

I honestly didn’t like this manga series when I first started reading it as I’m not really into that “Naruto-like” series as such, but I kept on reading even when I felt like putting the manga down, and I’m glad that I didn’t because I actually enjoyed this first volume quite well.

But I don’t think I’ll be planning on getting the next volume anytime soon, even though I said I enjoyed it but I still have my doubts about it, yeah it interests me but not by a whole lot if I’m perfectly honest.

It was a great first volume and I can tell it’s going to be an action packed series and going to have its little quirks like Naruto, but I didn’t feel into it as I would like to be.

I rate this first volume 6 out of 10.


Strike Witches: 1937 Fuso Sea Incident, volumes 1 & 2 | Manga

I really enjoy the Strike Witches series, it’s really fun to read the manga and watch the anime series. I love the genre a lot, there’s nothing perfect than animal girls that fight evil set in the World War II (1937 – 1945).


This manga is based on the first invasion of the Neuroi in 1937, which was called the Fuso Sea Incident, this manga is set before the first season of the anime and during Major Sakamoto’s childhood years in the Navy/Army. Sadly this 2 volume manga series doesn’t have an anime adaptation.

I really loved reading this manga, it was seriously good. I loved reading about Mio Sakamoto’s backstory of her life growing up on base at the front lines, and about other witches that aren’t really mentioned in the anime adaptations.

It’s a good read for any Strike Witches fan that wants to know more about witches and their fighting abilities and understanding the beginning of how it all started with the invasion of the Neurio.

To be honest, I really wanted to read more about the witches and their lives on base, I didn’t want the series to end in just 2 volumes, it’s too short! But I wish they’d make an OVA or some short anime adaptation for this manga as it’s great and would end up being a good anime/OVA, especially for the fans of the anime series.

I rate this short 2 volume manga series a 10 out of 10!


Non Non Biyori, volume 1 | Manga

This series is absolutely hilarious and so kawaii (=^.^=)

I really enjoyed this first volume and I want to read more of it, well, more like I “need” to read more of it.

I first found out about this series on Tumblr, but it was GIFs of the anime adaptation, and thought it was cute and looked funny, at the time I was looking for something I could have a happy/giggle hour with, so I decided to get the first volume of the manga so that I could view how the original source was before I actually watched the series, and I still haven’t watched the anime series even though I finished this first manga volume ages ago… I will watch it soon though, I was just mainly waiting for the second season to end before I binge through all the episodes.

Anyway, it’s a really cute and funny series that I think anyone would really enjoy, especially if you’re looking for a series that makes you feel relaxed and not a series that fires you up like Fairy Tail or Naruto, then this is a great series for you!

I’ll write about about the series when I’ve read more of the volumes, but for the moment I rate this first volume 10 out of 10, it was an amazing first impression for me.