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Kimi no Na wa | Anime Movie

This movie was and is absolutely beautiful! I love it so much, and the soundtrack is amazing and also catchy too.

I went to see this movie back in December 2016 when it released at selected UK cinemas, it was a one day release at my local cinema so I was lucky enough to pre-book tickets to go see it along with a friend.

The only problem though was that it was the dubbed only version at my local cinema and not subbed like I would have liked it to be, though the English dub wasn’t half bad; it was actually pretty good, I’ve heard worse dubbing than this, but it was a cinema release so I wasn’t expecting it to be bad English dubbing or they wouldn’t have released the dub at all.

I’ve seen another of Makoto Shinkai’s anime movie works, Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words), its more of a short anime movie as suppose to Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name), but it was another masterpiece that I had previously watched by him, and I thought I would check out his new anime movie as I had the opportunity to watch in cinema, and also the trailer looked so good!

Anyway, a part from it being the dubbed version, it was very enjoyable, funny and emotional to watch in some parts. The art style is so beautiful and even the scenery is just mouth dropping stunningly detailed, like seriously!

Throughout the film it messes with your emotions and your mind, it makes you think constantly.

I honestly can’t praise this film enough, everyone has got to watch this movie at some point in their lives.

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Love Live! The School Idol Project Movie | Anime Movie

This final movie gave me feels it honestly did. I loved this final animation of Love Live: School Idol Project, it was the best, I loved every single scene; I laughed, I cried. The songs were perfect and I love them, I even listen to them daily, they’re catchy!

The ending theme song was my favorite song of all, I love that they used all of the member’s names within μ’s, it is seriously a good song. I liked that there was an animated dance for half of the song and then it goes to the title, Love Live!, then finally hitting the ending credits with the song still carrying on.

It did hit me though by the end of the movie that there was going to be no more Love Live!, well at least not of μ’s anyway… I’m looking forward to seeing Love Live! Sunshine and the focus on Aquors in the Summer 2016 anime season.

I rate this anime movie 8 out of 10 – I just love the storyline, μ’s and their songs.

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Kyoukai no Kanata Movie: I’ll Be Here – Kako-hen | Anime Movie

I loved this re-cap movie, the animation is perfect just like the anime series.

It was enjoyable to see a re-cap of the anime series as it’s been about a year since I watched it and it’s good to bring back memories of it. I loved every second of watching this movie!

I loved the fight scenes and effects, they’re amazing! I can’t wait to watch the last part of the movie which happens a year after where the anime left off, so it’s going to be all new content so my hype is real!

I rate this movie 10 out of 10 – The animation is beautiful and amazing. The storyline is really good too! I honestly don’t want this series to end.