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Doki Doki Literature Club | Visual Novel


Not going to lie here but Doki Doki Literature Club is just wow… It’s so creative and cleverly made, especially for a free visual novel, like this is a quality that you probably should be paying for honestly.
Plus so many unexpected things happen and it just makes you want to keep on playing no matter what!

7 out of 10 – I just wished there was more diverse and story in the different routes regarding which girl you choose to be close with since it all ends exactly the same way regardless, and I just find that boring.

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Steins;Gate | Visual Novel

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I finally finished this visual novel 4 days ago on May 7th. I’ve got to say first that the anime adaptation was 10/10 and the visual novel was 11/10. It was translated very good though there were some grammatical errors in a few places but it didn’t stop me from getting absorbed and enjoying the story to its fullest. I was so absorbed into it that I would spend hours reading without being aware of my surroundings that’s how much the visual novel hooked me, it got to the point that my mum would have ago at me for ignoring her and not doing the chores I agreed to subconsciously.

It took me 32 hours to get my first ending which was Suzuha’s ending, then took me 17-18 hours to get the rest of the character endings + the true ending. I also got all the achievements along the way too.

The story is enjoyable and very intriguing, it will just absorb you in and take your soul though you won’t regret it. It could go from being quite emotional to tense especially during the character endings; Luka’s is probably one of the more emotional endings and Kurisu being the more tense ending.

I love each of the characters, they’re all enjoying and interesting with each having their own charm and unique personalities, I guarantee you’ll love them too. The voice acting is splendid as well, you can really hear the emotions that the characters were conveying in each scene.

The art style is unique and really pretty in my opinion, I love the character designs, I think the character designs go really well with their personalities. The scene backgrounds are quite beautiful too.

The soundtrack is amazing, probably one of the best visual novel soundtracks I’ve heard in awhile, it really did add to the emotion or tension of scenes.


  • +Story is very intriguing and gets you absorbed easily.
  • +Visual novel is long so great for those that love long visual novels for a good price.
  • +Characters are interesting and charming, makes you feel an emotional connection with them.
  • +Art style is unique and beautiful for both character designs and scene backgrounds.
  • +Soundtrack is amazing and adds to the scenes.
  • A few grammatical errors but nothing major that it would have an affect on reading or stop you from enjoying and getting absorbed into this amazing story.

11 out of 10, no question about it. If you love intriguing sci-fi, thriller stories with a bit of romance and a mad scientist named Hououin Kyouma then this visual novel is up your ally! If you enjoyed the anime then this is a must read!!

Visual Novels

Fault – Milestone One | Visual Novel


I finished this visual novel around 5-6 months ago, and I really enjoyed it, like a lot. The story itself is great and intriguing enough for me to want more, I even bought the second part, Fault – Milestone Two Side:Above, when I was just only a couple of hours in, it just hooked me and I didn’t want to stop reading.

The art style is really nice and beautiful, and the soundtrack is also pretty good with it adding to the tension of some scenes when necessary and also relaxing when heartwarming or emotional scenes appear.

I have to warn that there’s no voice acting for the characters in this series. In my opinion, it would be great if it did have voice acting, I find it would make this VN a little bit better and add more towards the character development as in their emotions and personalities, but it’s still great nonetheless as it doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the story.

The characters are enjoyable and charming in their own way, it’d be great if there was more about their backstories to add to their development though that could be included in the other parts of the VN, especially since Fault – Silence the Pedant is on its way sometime in 2017/2018, which is a prequel that focuses on Ritona’s backstory of how she became Selphine’s guardian.


  • +Intriguing and addictive story especially if you enjoy fantasy genre as much as I do
  • +/-Short so you can finish in one sitting if you like to read for roughly 6-8 hours straight
  • +Art style is pretty and beautiful, really well done
  • +Characters are enjoyable and charming, good development though room for more
  • -No voice acting, that would’ve been a nice feature to have but doesn’t affect the story in any way
  • +Soundtrack is great and relaxing, can really add to the tension in some scenes or emotion in others

8 out of 10.

Visual Novels

Memory’s Dogma CODE:01 | Visual Novel


I played/finished this novel around 6 months ago, and I would have to say that personally I liked this visual novel, I was intrigued by the story even though there were a couple of plot twists that were easily identified and that it was clichéd in some parts, but that still didn’t stop me from enjoying this visual novel.

I’ll have to admit though that there’s a few plot holes and some parts aren’t covered within this first part of the visual novel, but well to be honest that could be down to the fact that, like I said previously, this is only the first part of a 3 part visual novel and hopefully both the plots holes and my concerns could be filled later on in the series, or at least I hope so.

The down side to this not only being a unfinished series but the final 2 parts are still in development, so with that being said it’s a little disappointing since I’m going to have to wait awhile before being able to actually finish/complete this series. The waiting game always kills me when it comes to any kind of media, whether that be anime, manga, light novels or games.


  • Story: Intriguing but clichéd in some parts.
  • Voice acting: Perfect, I really liked the voices of each character.
  • Artwork: Amazing and is really well done.
  • Music: Great.


6.5 (7 at a push) out of 10. 

Anime Series

Grisaia series | Anime Series

Grisaia anime series… well hell, this was an amazingly great anime series especially the first season, Grisaia no Kajitsu, like seriously that first season just blown me away, it was so good! The last few episodes were heart breaking but really intriguing to learn about what happened to the main protagonist’s, Yuuji Kazami, older sister and her days lived in the forest with her classmates before her and their deaths.

Second season, Grisaia no Meikyuu: Caprice no Mayu 0 – well it’s more of a long special episode, we got to know more about Yuuji and his past which was interesting to get to know, he had a rough background.

Finally in the third season, Grisaia no Rakuen, its more focused on the girls: Michiru Matsushima, Amane Suou, Yumiko Sakaki, Makina Irisu and Sachi Komine as they fight to save Yuuji from being arrested under the suspicion for terrorism. We also got to learn more about Yuuji’s older sister, Kazuki Kazami.

Anime Movies

Kimi no Na wa | Anime Movie

This movie was and is absolutely beautiful! I love it so much, and the soundtrack is amazing and also catchy too.

I went to see this movie back in December 2016 when it released at selected UK cinemas, it was a one day release at my local cinema so I was lucky enough to pre-book tickets to go see it along with a friend.

The only problem though was that it was the dubbed only version at my local cinema and not subbed like I would have liked it to be, though the English dub wasn’t half bad; it was actually pretty good, I’ve heard worse dubbing than this, but it was a cinema release so I wasn’t expecting it to be bad English dubbing or they wouldn’t have released the dub at all.

I’ve seen another of Makoto Shinkai’s anime movie works, Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words), its more of a short anime movie as suppose to Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name), but it was another masterpiece that I had previously watched by him, and I thought I would check out his new anime movie as I had the opportunity to watch in cinema, and also the trailer looked so good!

Anyway, a part from it being the dubbed version, it was very enjoyable, funny and emotional to watch in some parts. The art style is so beautiful and even the scenery is just mouth dropping stunningly detailed, like seriously!

Throughout the film it messes with your emotions and your mind, it makes you think constantly.

I honestly can’t praise this film enough, everyone has got to watch this movie at some point in their lives.

Video Games

Bravely Default, chapter 1 | Video Game

In-depth summary:

We, and when I say “we” I mean Tiz and the other 3 guys within the group, travelled across the map to the land of Ancheim, which is in a desert region that currently has no wind because of the Wind Crystal being out of action, and because of this the city is in dire times with no wind to power the turbines, and so the King is making everyone work 20 hours a day to somehow make the turbines move so that they have power.

To help the people of Anchiem we had to make out way to the Temple of Wind and find a way for the Wind Vestal to reactivate the Wind Crystal in order for there to be wind again, but the only problem is that the Vestal needs to be wearing a special clothing to be able to do the ritual to activate the Crystal.

So we travelled to Yulyana Woods Needleworks to see Sage, who makes the clothes that we’re after but there’s a slight problem we need to find and get a hold of some Rainbow Thread that is needed for this type of clothing, and the Rainbow Thread is located in Vestment Cave.

After arriving at the Vestment Cave and going through all the floors we finally found some Rainbow Thread, except, it wasn’t going to be as easy as walking in there, taking it, and then walking out. We had to defeat a Dragon that was nesting in the cave itself, guarding the Rainbow Thread.

Defeating the Dragon was a bit of a hassle but we pulled through in the end and managed to get our hands on the Rainbow Thread.

After returning to the Sage, he made the special clothes that we needed for the Vestal to do her ritual to activate the Wind Crystal, all we need to do now was to get back to the Temple of Wind and do just that. But, sadly it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be…

There was an even larger threat than the dragon in the Vestment Cave… (A) Orthos was guarding the Wind Crystal, so of course we had to beat their ass in order to start this wind ritual, and again this battle wasn’t easy, in fact it was harder than the battle with the Dragon.

About 10 minutes into the battle, we finally beat Orthos and the Wind Vestal was able to start the activation ritual for the Wind Crystal.

After we’ve activated the Wind Crystal, we head back to Anchiem to see that the King is yet again criticizing the Wind Vestal for basically being a failure and for abandoning her post, but he soon’s shut ups when the wind starts slowly coming back and starts turning the turbines to which creates power for the city.


I found this first chapter quite enjoyable with a bit of a hassle to finish but it was quite worth it as I find the storyline is quite interesting, and the characters too; there’s never a dull moment between the main 4 characters (Tiz, Agnès A.K. The Wind Vestal, Edea, and Ringabel).

I cannot wait to carry on to the next chapter and see what’s going to be installed for me and the gang.

Anime Movies

Love Live! The School Idol Project Movie | Anime Movie

This final movie gave me feels it honestly did. I loved this final animation of Love Live: School Idol Project, it was the best, I loved every single scene; I laughed, I cried. The songs were perfect and I love them, I even listen to them daily, they’re catchy!

The ending theme song was my favorite song of all, I love that they used all of the member’s names within μ’s, it is seriously a good song. I liked that there was an animated dance for half of the song and then it goes to the title, Love Live!, then finally hitting the ending credits with the song still carrying on.

It did hit me though by the end of the movie that there was going to be no more Love Live!, well at least not of μ’s anyway… I’m looking forward to seeing Love Live! Sunshine and the focus on Aquors in the Summer 2016 anime season.

I rate this anime movie 8 out of 10 – I just love the storyline, μ’s and their songs.

Anime Series

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen | Anime Series

I really like this series, I love the characters, their designs and personalities, the beautiful settings and landscapes, the art is just amazing, and I love storyline/plot.

I’m a fan of the manga series, but lately I haven’t been buying the manga volumes after volume 5 as I haven’t have the money and when I did have the money I’ve been buying Fairy Tail as I’ve started to get back into reading and watching the series, but seeing the manga “come to life” is just amazing!

This second season was epic! I really enjoyed watching every second of it and I can’t wait to see more of it, I really hope there’s a third season, if not, then I’m going to have to buy more manga volumes and read on from where the second season left off.

There was a lot of action in this season and it was quite enjoyable to watch, and what I like to call the “semi-yaoi” scene between Yu and Mika, oh my gawd! For the record it’s just Mika biting Yu’s neck to drink his blood so that he doesn’t die, but from behind it doesn’t look like that’s what they’re doing though.

Overall this season was awesome, full of many emotions, I was hyped all the way through.

I rate this season 10 out of 10!

Anime Series

Noragami Aragoto | Anime Series

THIS FREAKING SERIES! I have so much love for this series, I really do!

Noragami is one of my top favourite anime series of all time. This 2nd season was amazing, and I really want to see more, I wished there was more episodes per season. I’m also hoping that they’ll be a 3rd season which I have no doubt that we will have it.

Yato is my god, and it makes me happy seeing him happy, his smile is just perfect! (≧ω≦)

There was so many different emotions throughout this 2nd season, and I honestly felt them all. I cried when Yato cried when Hiyori gave him his own Shrine that she made herself. I was so happy for Yato! I ship Hiyori and Yato so much.

A lot happened in this season and the arcs in this season were what I found to be the best, there was just so much more emotion. I would really recommend everyone to watch this series.

The animation and colours are just beautiful and the effects during the battle scenes, oh my gawd, just amazing, specially when the Shinki’s are in what I like to call “battle mode”, the colours and effects look beautiful.
When Yukine became a “Blessed Vessel” that made me so happy for him, I’m glad that Yukine became more loyal to Yato and opened up more towards him.

His new transformation into 2 swords instead of 1, just makes Yato look even more badass.
I’m also glad that Yato wants to change his ways and become a much better God that makes people happy, which is all thanks to Yukine and Hiyori, and to Yato’s experiences throughout this season. I can’t wait to see the out come of Yato starting anew and trying to achieve his goal of become a better God.

The ending of this season was really interesting and that cliff hanger… holy shit! I really do hope there is a 3rd season because I really cannot live with that cliff hanger.

Watching this 2nd season has made me want to take my Noragami manga off hold and start buying and reading more of the manga so that I can catch up to the series and read what happens after that cliff hanger.

I rate this 2nd season 10 out of 10 – I don’t even need to explain why, just watch the series for yourself.