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I finally finished this visual novel 4 days ago on May 7th. I’ve got to say first that the anime adaptation was 10/10 and the visual novel was 11/10. It was translated very good though there were some grammatical errors in a few places but it didn’t stop me from getting absorbed and enjoying the story to its fullest. I was so absorbed into it that I would spend hours reading without being aware of my surroundings that’s how much the visual novel hooked me, it got to the point that my mum would have ago at me for ignoring her and not doing the chores I agreed to subconsciously.

It took me 32 hours to get my first ending which was Suzuha’s ending, then took me 17-18 hours to get the rest of the character endings + the true ending. I also got all the achievements along the way too.

The story is enjoyable and very intriguing, it will just absorb you in and take your soul though you won’t regret it. It could go from being quite emotional to tense especially during the character endings; Luka’s is probably one of the more emotional endings and Kurisu being the more tense ending.

I love each of the characters, they’re all enjoying and interesting with each having their own charm and unique personalities, I guarantee you’ll love them too. The voice acting is splendid as well, you can really hear the emotions that the characters were conveying in each scene.

The art style is unique and really pretty in my opinion, I love the character designs, I think the character designs go really well with their personalities. The scene backgrounds are quite beautiful too.

The soundtrack is amazing, probably one of the best visual novel soundtracks I’ve heard in awhile, it really did add to the emotion or tension of scenes.


  • +Story is very intriguing and gets you absorbed easily.
  • +Visual novel is long so great for those that love long visual novels for a good price.
  • +Characters are interesting and charming, makes you feel an emotional connection with them.
  • +Art style is unique and beautiful for both character designs and scene backgrounds.
  • +Soundtrack is amazing and adds to the scenes.
  • A few grammatical errors but nothing major that it would have an affect on reading or stop you from enjoying and getting absorbed into this amazing story.

11 out of 10, no question about it. If you love intriguing sci-fi, thriller stories with a bit of romance and a mad scientist named Hououin Kyouma then this visual novel is up your ally! If you enjoyed the anime then this is a must read!!


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