Visual Novels

Fault – Milestone One | Visual Novel


I finished this visual novel around 5-6 months ago, and I really enjoyed it, like a lot. The story itself is great and intriguing enough for me to want more, I even bought the second part, Fault – Milestone Two Side:Above, when I was just only a couple of hours in, it just hooked me and I didn’t want to stop reading.

The art style is really nice and beautiful, and the soundtrack is also pretty good with it adding to the tension of some scenes when necessary and also relaxing when heartwarming or emotional scenes appear.

I have to warn that there’s no voice acting for the characters in this series. In my opinion, it would be great if it did have voice acting, I find it would make this VN a little bit better and add more towards the character development as in their emotions and personalities, but it’s still great nonetheless as it doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the story.

The characters are enjoyable and charming in their own way, it’d be great if there was more about their backstories to add to their development though that could be included in the other parts of the VN, especially since Fault – Silence the Pedant is on its way sometime in 2017/2018, which is a prequel that focuses on Ritona’s backstory of how she became Selphine’s guardian.


  • +Intriguing and addictive story especially if you enjoy fantasy genre as much as I do
  • +/-Short so you can finish in one sitting if you like to read for roughly 6-8 hours straight
  • +Art style is pretty and beautiful, really well done
  • +Characters are enjoyable and charming, good development though room for more
  • -No voice acting, that would’ve been a nice feature to have but doesn’t affect the story in any way
  • +Soundtrack is great and relaxing, can really add to the tension in some scenes or emotion in others

8 out of 10.


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