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Noragami Aragoto | Anime Series

THIS FREAKING SERIES! I have so much love for this series, I really do!

Noragami is one of my top favourite anime series of all time. This 2nd season was amazing, and I really want to see more, I wished there was more episodes per season. I’m also hoping that they’ll be a 3rd season which I have no doubt that we will have it.

Yato is my god, and it makes me happy seeing him happy, his smile is just perfect! (≧ω≦)

There was so many different emotions throughout this 2nd season, and I honestly felt them all. I cried when Yato cried when Hiyori gave him his own Shrine that she made herself. I was so happy for Yato! I ship Hiyori and Yato so much.

A lot happened in this season and the arcs in this season were what I found to be the best, there was just so much more emotion. I would really recommend everyone to watch this series.

The animation and colours are just beautiful and the effects during the battle scenes, oh my gawd, just amazing, specially when the Shinki’s are in what I like to call “battle mode”, the colours and effects look beautiful.
When Yukine became a “Blessed Vessel” that made me so happy for him, I’m glad that Yukine became more loyal to Yato and opened up more towards him.

His new transformation into 2 swords instead of 1, just makes Yato look even more badass.
I’m also glad that Yato wants to change his ways and become a much better God that makes people happy, which is all thanks to Yukine and Hiyori, and to Yato’s experiences throughout this season. I can’t wait to see the out come of Yato starting anew and trying to achieve his goal of become a better God.

The ending of this season was really interesting and that cliff hanger… holy shit! I really do hope there is a 3rd season because I really cannot live with that cliff hanger.

Watching this 2nd season has made me want to take my Noragami manga off hold and start buying and reading more of the manga so that I can catch up to the series and read what happens after that cliff hanger.

I rate this 2nd season 10 out of 10 – I don’t even need to explain why, just watch the series for yourself.


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