Anime Series

Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken | Anime Series

This was pretty funny, I loved the fact that Kimito had to hide the fact that he loves girls and pretend to like muscles on men.

I loved a lot of things about this series and the main part that I loved is that they all care for each other in the “commoner club”, and that’s what true friendship looks like.

Aika’s and Reiko’s squabbling was just amazing, it made me laugh all the time and I loved the “yuri” type scenes between them while they were fighting/arguing, I could tell by Kimito’s face that he loved watching whenever that happened and he was in the room.

Also Karen is best girl, those thighs though, and her sword skills are awesome.

The ending song on the finale episode was amazing and the animation was perfect! At first though I thought it was Karen singing, but it was actually Eri, I find that they both look similar with their hair down. But that song was beautiful.

I rate this series 8 out of 10 – I loved the animation and the funny scenes, but I didn’t really understand the whole plot, and I wished that there was a 2nd season, I want to know more about Miyuki’s back story and why she became a maid and why she kissed Kimito while he was asleep.


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