Anime Series

Yuru Yuri San☆Hai! | Anime Series

Love this series so much, it’s adorable, funny, and has that little bit of yuri that everyone likes to see.

I love this series quirks so much, it makes me so happy just watching every episode, and it’s defiantly a series I’ll rewatch one day.

This 3rd season was the best, there was defiantly more character development, and more new and old innuendos from the two previous seasons.

There is defiantly more pairings in this season too, which I love a lot. To be honest everyone is cute with each other, but Yui and Kyouko are the best OTP, and there’s also Kyouko and Ayano, their friendship has defiantly developed a lot this season, and are much closer than what they were in the 1st season.

I rate this series 10 out of 10 – It never fails to make me smile or giggle, I love it so much. I have so much love for the characters and the OTPs too.


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