Light Novels

The Devil is a Part-Timer!, volume 1 | Light Novel

I thought this first volume was a little slow to start off with, just like in the anime adaptation, but then started to get more interesting the more I started reading it. I would push myself at times to read through the slow parts and look forward to the really exciting parts such as the fight scene towards the end of the book, but other than the book being slow at the beginning, it was funny and cheesy in some parts, and that’s what made me enjoy it a lot.

I love the characters in this series, I can always relate to them in some way or other, it just puts a smile on my face when I read the conversations between each of the characters, there’s never a dull moment.

Also Maou and Emi are my two favourite characters in the series, not because they’re the main characters, but because their arguing is just the best, and they also get along sometimes, and when they do it’s kind of sweet to see that happening.

I honestly cannot wait to start reading the second volume that’s just sitting on my shelf right now, but sadly it’s going to have to wait as I have other series that need to be read first. >.<

I rate this first volume 7.5 out of 10, it was slow at the start but it kept my interests.


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