Strike Witches: 1937 Fuso Sea Incident, volumes 1 & 2 | Manga

I really enjoy the Strike Witches series, it’s really fun to read the manga and watch the anime series. I love the genre a lot, there’s nothing perfect than animal girls that fight evil set in the World War II (1937 – 1945).


This manga is based on the first invasion of the Neuroi in 1937, which was called the Fuso Sea Incident, this manga is set before the first season of the anime and during Major Sakamoto’s childhood years in the Navy/Army. Sadly this 2 volume manga series doesn’t have an anime adaptation.

I really loved reading this manga, it was seriously good. I loved reading about Mio Sakamoto’s backstory of her life growing up on base at the front lines, and about other witches that aren’t really mentioned in the anime adaptations.

It’s a good read for any Strike Witches fan that wants to know more about witches and their fighting abilities and understanding the beginning of how it all started with the invasion of the Neurio.

To be honest, I really wanted to read more about the witches and their lives on base, I didn’t want the series to end in just 2 volumes, it’s too short! But I wish they’d make an OVA or some short anime adaptation for this manga as it’s great and would end up being a good anime/OVA, especially for the fans of the anime series.

I rate this short 2 volume manga series a 10 out of 10!


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