Non Non Biyori, volume 1 | Manga

This series is absolutely hilarious and so kawaii (=^.^=)

I really enjoyed this first volume and I want to read more of it, well, more like I “need” to read more of it.

I first found out about this series on Tumblr, but it was GIFs of the anime adaptation, and thought it was cute and looked funny, at the time I was looking for something I could have a happy/giggle hour with, so I decided to get the first volume of the manga so that I could view how the original source was before I actually watched the series, and I still haven’t watched the anime series even though I finished this first manga volume ages ago… I will watch it soon though, I was just mainly waiting for the second season to end before I binge through all the episodes.

Anyway, it’s a really cute and funny series that I think anyone would really enjoy, especially if you’re looking for a series that makes you feel relaxed and not a series that fires you up like Fairy Tail or Naruto, then this is a great series for you!

I’ll write about about the series when I’ve read more of the volumes, but for the moment I rate this first volume 10 out of 10, it was an amazing first impression for me.


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