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Log Horizon, volume 1 – chapters 2 and 3 | Light Novel

I recently finished reading chapters 2 and 3, and not much happens in chapter 2 except from Shiroe and his comrades adventuring out into the field zones and practice fighting monsters so that they could get used to battling in this new world that they’re in, and to also figure out tactics and strategies for future battles.

In chapter 3 things get a bit interesting. In part 2 we start to get to know a bit more about Naotsugu and what sort of person he is. We get a glimpse of his thoughts, and learn more about his character and class in Elder Tales.

Later on in part 2 and 3, the group gets ambushed by PKers (Player Killers) and start battling with them, and of course Shiroe’s group shows them up and defeates the PKers.

Near to the end of chapter 3, it’s the start of the expedition to Susukino to bring Serara home to the Crescent Moon League guild in Akiba.

My Thoughts on the 2 chapters is that things are starting to get interesting and I’m looking forward to that, even though I’ve seen the anime and I know what happens but it’s good to see what the original content has to offer.


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