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Log Horizon, volume 1 – chapter 1 | Light Novel

Okay so I read the first chapter of Log Horizon light novel and I wasn’t expecting so much “perverted” words and phrases being used, especially with Marielle’s character… Seriously wasn’t expecting that, I was expecting Naotsugu to be saying a lot of perverted stuff but Marielle…

It’s actually really funny though with how she’s saying stuff like “wanna touch my boobs? Cop a feel?” (said to Shiroe) and “Don’t say ‘panties’! What’s wrong with you anyway, hon?! Are my boobs really that bad?! Are you treatin’ me like some old lady?!” (said to Naotsugu), like omg!! I really did giggle when I read these sentences from Marielle.

I can defiantly tell there’s a difference between the anime and the light novel; The light novel as you can see seems to be a bit more… I guess, full on with the perverted words and phrases being used.

The animation company that made the anime adaptation really did consider its younger viewers when creating it, and tuning down the “pervertedness” that the original source of the series offers.

Either way, I’m really enjoying and getting into the light novel series.


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