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Free!: Eternal Summer | Anime Series

I’ve finally finished watching this series within two days, that’s basically 6 episodes each day even though I watched 4 episodes yesterday and the rest of the episodes (9 episodes) today. Realistically I could have watched 13 episodes in one day, which would be 6 and a half hours, but I can’t sit and binge watch a whole anime series in one day because I like to also read manga and light novels.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this series so much, I actually didn’t think sport anime would be so fun to watch, and I got into it quite a lot!

I liked the scenes at the end of episode 13 where they shown how well the boys were doing a year later.

I also loved how Haru and Rin were facing off at what seems to be either the nationals or internationals, either way they were both in Australia. I actually wanted to see that race between them though, I was upset that they didn’t show the whole scene, I wanted to see who won and to see how much they both had improved.

Maybe they’ll make a movie that shows what they’re doing in the future or when they have a reunion and swim together again.


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