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Sword Art Online: Progressive, Volume 1 | Light Novel

I’ve finally finished reading the first volume of sword Art Online: Progressive after three months of starting it, and all I can say is “Bring on the second volume”, which I already have, waiting on my shelf under manga that also needs to be read too.

This series is better than the original, but with said, in the afterword Reki Kawahara said that he had to quickly finish Sword Art Online for the Dengeki Novel Awards, so he had to finish the story (Aincrad arc) with the game beaten, and it was a submission.

So you could really say that Sword Art Online: Progressive is the real story of SAO and therefore, the original.

I really enjoyed reading this volume and having a glimpse of how Sword Art Online really looked and how the story should have gone, instead of it being rushed like in Sword Art Online volume one.

I’m looking forward to reading volume 2 and reading about the third floor of Aincrad!


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