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Owari no Seraph | Anime Series


I loved this series so much, I was badly looking forward to the anime adaptation of the manga when I first started reading the series, and when I found out it was getting an anime adaptation, I nearly cried with excitement because I knew it was going to be so good! I appositely fell in love with the characters in the manga and loved each and every one of their personalities.
The animators have done an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier; the landscapes are full of colour and look amazing and really well painted… I think they were painted because they look it, and if they did, it gives a really nice texture and feeling to the landscapes/backgrounds. The characters are bright in colour and lively.

GOD I just loved it!

I loved that everything except from the characters looked painted or drawn, it looks great.
I also loved that right at the end of the ED scene that where was a /quick/ slideshow of all the scenes that happened throughout the anime, before announcing the 2nd season. I thought this was sort of cute in away, kind of like a time capsule for the viewers to remember how far they have come in the series, and to sort of remember what had happened within the series.

I’m sad that the anime has ended but there’s going to be a 2nd season starting in October this year! And I cannot wait for it, only got to wait 4 months for it.

I liked that the english released manga was actually keeping up with the action in the anime, I just liked the idea that I could read a volume and then watch that volume come to life in the anime adaptation, I just love it when the manga keeps up with its anime adaptation. I wish all manga series kept up with their adaptation or at least most of the series has been released before the anime adaptation to it starts, I just think it seems more efficient for the publishers to do that because then people are getting excited to watch the adaptation and see what the animators have done, but I guess it goes the same way if the anime is released or being watched before the manga because then the person is probably excited to read the original and see how the two compare.

Anyway, Owari no Seraph ended after volume 4 of the manga series, volume 5 has been released so we can have a look to what happens next after the ending of the anime and also get an idea to what we are excepting to see in the 2nd season.
Volume 6 will also be released before the 2nd season starts, that’s being released in September, but sadly volume 7 doesn’t get released until December.


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